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EFT tapping with Teddi Emerald

EFT tapping with Teddi Emerald
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Six years ago, Teddi Emerald didn’t allow herself to dream. Working from a surf shop, she believed she’d always have to work for someone else because this was “realistic.” Today, Teddi’s mindset couldn’t be more different and it shows up everywhere in her life. The old adage, ‘as within, so without’ describes her work perfectly. Instead of focusing on changing the external world, she uses EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), hypnosis, NLP and inner child work to shift her inner world first. By clearing limiting beliefs that block good things from coming in, Teddi has watched how this inner shift has transformed not only her world, but in the lives of her clients. 

We chat to Teddi to find out how EFT tapping works, how it led her to fall in love and find her dream career (all within six months), along with how it’s changed the lives of the people that come to her healing sessions. At the end of this post Teddi also shares an EFT tapping class to help you develop a deeper sense of confidence, inside and out.

For those that don’t know, can you please summarise what EFT tapping is and how it works?

Emotional freedom technique — basically the physical way to release emotions from your body and mind, sounds strange, yet emotions are energy in motion and when they don’t get processed and released, they get stored in the body. This is how dis-ease starts, from lots of blocked energy concealed in parts of the body. By tapping on specific meridian or energy points (like a traffic light or round about), you can get break up the traffic jam of energy and it starts to flow again. So it feels like emotions being released. It’s amazing!

“I did a personal healing program with him and it completely shifted my life, full 360.” 

Can you share a little bit about how you first heard of EFT tapping and how it’s impacted your life since?

My best friend is a practitioner and I was struggling with shyness and zero self-belief, I didn’t even realise it but how I could see it was I would have dreams like working for creative brands and companies, travelling, doing art etc. and none of it was happening. It just stayed as dreams, because I didn’t have the confidence in myself to make it happen, which meant I would take what I was given and not ask for more, because there was a huge part of me that didn’t see myself as worthy, or talented enough. So I was a people pleaser and super nice and got by with what was, not allowing myself to be bold and dream bigger.

I did a personal healing program with him and it completely shifted my life, full 360. I moved, I bought a vintage shop, I started collaborating with colourful creative brands and people, I fell in love. Honestly none of it would have happened if I hadn’t done the work on myself and change my inner dialog. This all happened within 6 months, because I saw the dramatic shift I couldn’t stop talking about EFT and so many of my friends wanted to try it, so I went and learnt how to be a practioner, studying with incredible teachers from all over the world and when I realise the power of it I couldn’t help but share it with other women! It’s been the biggest pleasure to see women shed the fears, self-doubts & lack of belief & start actioning their dreams and finding deep love and acceptance for themselves.

Were you at all sceptical when you first heard of it? If so, what changed your mind about it?

No, I was so low I was ready to try anything to feel better about myself, I also knew my friend was always into the best things so had full confidence and I was curious, I love trying things 

“We get what we are, whether we are aware of it or not.” 

What kind of things can EFT help heal?

What can’t it heal. That’s the question. Everything is energy and this is using energy psychology, with the power of the mind and the ability to shift energy so much opens up. The things I work with are negative self-beliefs, low self-esteem, anxiety, lack of confidence, PTSD, healing hurts that have closed the heart, manifesting, success and wealth. It can be used for pain in the body, releasing the emotional contributors for dis-ease, peoples eye sight has gotten better, so many amazing things!

EFT works for emotional release, but also releasing limiting beliefs we picked up from the past holding us back from manifesting the life we want. Can you share a bit about how you use EFT when it comes to manifestation?

This is my FAV subject, because we get what we are, whether we are aware of it or not. So by having a tool to access the sub-conscious mind which is where the most energy is generated from (all our memories, belief systems, society’s and family’s beliefs) and to release the energy the thoughts and feelings we can literally change the vibration of what we are sending out, consciously we would get more creative ideas, feel more empowered to take action on these ideas and be open to receiving knowing we are worthy. This would be our vibration we are emitting so we get as if by magic all this back. I can tell you my business has grown so much and in ease since I started doing EFT around success and wealth, because I know have the belief of being worthy deserving and receiving in ease. By shifting the idea that I had to work hard in order to deserve, the fears around not enough-ness with money, of losing it, the identity of being poor, all that released with EFT and I’ve seen my life flow in such an enjoyable way!

Do you pair EFT with other healing modalities or can you use it on its own?

Yes, I do. I use matrix reimprinting which is a combo of hypnosis, NLP, inner child work, this is using the quantum field, which is why my clients get such powerful results.

How have you watched it shift other people’s lives through your healing sessions?

I’ve seen creatives go from never completely art works to putting on art shows and selling pieces, women who were suicidal and never having a job go to getting incredible work and loving their life attracting in a partner, women who had so much anxiety they couldn’t leave their house go out and work in a co-working space and put on an event, women who had so much self-hate be able to look in the mirror and find self-love and acceptance and go outside wearing shorts when they hadn’t shown their legs in years, women sharing their voices on social media when they hadn’t even sung in front of partners, ah so much. It makes my heart burst with joy! Literally women shining and doing what is in their hearts and not being held back by their heads.

What’s your favourite thing about this healing modality?

How simple it is, children can use it. I taught teens at future dreamers how to tap, I honestly think everyone should be taught how to do it so that everyone has a tool to use when things in life get overwhelming. How do you use EFT in your own life today? Is it a daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance practice? I love working with a practitioner when I have a specific issue or a goal, I find it hard to be my own healer and client at the same time, so I do regular work on myself because there is always a new goal, however if I’m stewing on something like someone has pissed me off or I’m frustrated at myself, or I’m nervous about something I will tap for myself. I do about 10 mins for these kind of things. It helps calm down my nervous system and help me think clearer.

Together with Teddi in the Arcaa studio, we created a mini tutorial for you to try Tapping for yourself.

You can also find out more info or contact Teddi on her website here.

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