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The Body Method - Narelle Hobbs

The Body Method - Narelle Hobbs
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Just recently we had the pleasure of spending some time at a beautiful studio on the Gold Coast, The Body Method. This studio happens to have many inspiring instructors and we where able to chat to one of them, Narelle Hobbs about wellness, mindful movement and her active lifestyle on the GC.

What is your fitness philosophy?

Everything in moderation - food, exercise, alcohol, relaxation, socializing...  I believe in mindful movement of some sort every day, whether it be stretching, walking, surfing or attending a class at TBM or a similar studio.  I'm not a fan of diets and never deprive myself of anything I want to eat or do...especially almond croissants!



What are some of your daily wellness rituals?

It takes a lot of thought and brain power, but firstly being present and incorporating some form of movement (be it stretching or exercise) and meditation.  Most mornings I'm up around 5ish (unless my body needs a sleep in and I'm not teaching!), I have my shower and plan out my day/run through my classes, make myself a tea and flip a page in my Mindfulness book, which helps me to set a personal intention for the day.  If it's light outside, I'll take myself to the beach for some meditation and stretching.  Once it gets warmer my daily wellness rituals will be all of the above at the beach + a dip in the ocean!

What's your favourite outdoor activity?

Surfing!  I'm still learning, but love to get out as much as I can.  The ocean is another obsession of mine and having it on our doorstep gives me no excuse to get out there - if I've had a bad day I can always count on the water to wash away any negative energy!

The Body Method is all about functional, mindful, meaningful movement. What are some of the other ways to help you to stay mindful and grounded?

I'm always learning and trying new ways to be more present in the moment and being grateful for what I have.  When I'm feeling a little anxious, I take the time to focus on my breathing and think of 3 things I'm grateful for. It makes me realize that the issue I may be in or may have had is no biggie in the grand scheme of things!  Also, surrounding myself with friends and family makes me really appreciate my life and all the good things/people in it!

What are your favourite pieces from the new Arcaa collection?

Viper Leggings in Black Clay and Sia Zip Bra. Also love the Eva Wrap top so cute!

What are some of your favourite things to do on the GC?

There are so many new cafes & restaurants popping up all the time, so I do love to try new places to eat and drink at - Crafthouse, The Collective, Sticky Rice, Barefoot Barista, Bread Social, Mervyn Roys & Stable are some of my favourites!

The Thursday community markets in Currumbin have become a recent regular routine for me after attending a friends Boxing Class in Elanora.  I also love anything that involves the outdoors and nature - beach walks, swimming, hikes at places like Currumbin Rock Pools, Mount Warning (not GC but close enough!), Kirra to Dbah walk to name a few!

You can catch a class with Narelle at The Body Method



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